Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool

Achieving “Zero-Day Decisions” With Continuous UX Research

How do we stop the never-ending tension between giving UX research the time it needs and stakeholders’ wanting to move too quickly? Unfortunately, stakeholders don’t want to wait for research, even though their most important decisions need that support.

Delaying a critical decision costs money. So you get pushback and never get to do the research that would significantly influence vital decisions. Decisions that determine what your organization delivers, how long you’ll have to build it, and, ironically, whether there will be enough time for research.

Continuous UX research breaks this cycle. With ongoing UX research, you strategically influence your stakeholder’s critical decisions when they need to make them.

These decisions get made in no time — in zero days — because you’ve already answered the most critical questions.

During this lively discussion, Jared Spool will explore how you’ll build up your continuous UX research program. You’ll discover how to provide answers to questions stakeholders just realized they had.

In this session, uncover how you’ll…

… Provide essential strategic insights at precisely the right moment with your continuous UX research efforts.

… Predict what questions stakeholders will need answers to with a research agenda that delivers a deep understanding of users and customers.

… Build the underlying practices that make a continuous UX research practice possible, including direct access to those hardest-to-reach users.

You can find the session notes in our Leaders of Awesomeness community.

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