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All of our online programs are focused on providing you — the leaders and makers of awesomeness in your organization — the skills, mindset, and confidence you need to be the UX leader your team needs.

Discover the ways we could help you solve your biggest challenges. Discover your UX Leader journey with us through online workshops, recorded sessions, and live Intensives.

UX Strategy Resources – Free

Recorded UX Strategy Essentials – $19.99

Recorded UX Strategy Essentials – $147

Recorded UX Strategy Essentials – $98

3-session video series diving deeper into Outcome-Driven UX Metrics Video Series and how to lead them.

Strategic Approaches to UX Research Intensive – $397 – $697

Unicorn Horn
Unicorn Horn

How to Win Stakeholders and Influence Decisions – $2,697

Private UX Strategy Talks with Jared Spool – $7,000~

You’ll love his stories, ability to demonstrate every point with a simple, concrete example, and comically adorable attempts to draw out his ideas around: UX Research, UX Metrics, Agile UX, UX Security, Hiring, Crafting UX Outcomes, and more.

Private One-on-One Coaching with Jared Spool – $8,000+

Private Company Workshops with Jared Spool – $10K – $30K~