Talk UX Strategy Session

Making UX Research A Strategic Imperative In Your Organization

Here’s the reality many of us live with. Far too many critical business decisions are made without consideration for our users or their needs. The absence of UX research has a name. It’s called guessing. That means all these critical business decisions are made by guessing, not research.

Guesses slow the organization down. That’s because, without insightful data from research, everyone has to argue over their point of view.

And guesses increase risk. Risk of producing something nobody will use. Risk of rising support costs. Risk of giving a competitor an advantage when angry customers switch away.

In what promises to be a lively session, Jared Spool will explore how to make a case for more strategic UX research. You’ll discover how you’ll mitigate huge risks and speed up delivery time when you upgrade the research your team provides.

In this session, uncover how you’ll…

… Identify powerful champions who desperately want to stop guessing and will provide the support your UX research efforts require.

… Shift everyone’s thinking on research’s role, moving from being a “validation of designs” to an “inspiration for innovation.”

… Reduce the amount of guesswork and increase the confidence your executives have when making strategic decisions.

You can find the session notes in our Leaders of Awesomeness community.

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