Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool

User Research to Strengthen Your Team’s Leadership Skills

Show your team’s true value through solid user research.

Conducting the right user research illuminates your users’ real challenges so that you can deliver better products and services. Proper UX research allows you to provide a delightful experience to your users. As a UX leader, serving your users is reason enough to do UX research.

What if I told you there was another reason to conduct user research — a hidden reason that had less to do with your users and more to do with your team? 

A solid user research plan can develop and demonstrate your team’s leadership skills when well-executed. Great user research allows your team members to stop guessing. Instead, they can make data-backed decisions. They can uncover crippling user interfaces your organization didn’t know existed. They can create revenue-making decisions. They can make revenue-saving decisions.

With the data from their UX research, each team member is leveling up their strategic thinking. They understand the organization’s business needs. They see the bigger picture of how user research serves not only your users but your organization. And each step of the way, you are using UX research to strengthen each team member’s leadership skills.

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