Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool

The Best Way to Start Quant UX Research

How do you identify your most potent UX metrics? What are your first steps?

The usual methods for measuring users’ behaviors and attitudes don’t work for UX metrics. Instead, if you want the benefits of Outcome-Driven UX Metrics, you’ll need to measure your users’ experiences with your products and services, not their behaviors and attitudes. Unfortunately, most teams have never put together measurements like these before.

Measurements of your current users’ experiences show your organization where better UX design contributes to business success. The right UX measurements tell your executives and stakeholders where the most valuable improvements are for users and customers. These improvements will, in turn, increase the business value of your products and services.

In this lively discussion with Jared Spool, you’ll explore the best ways to start identifying, tracking, and reporting Outcome-Driven UX Research. You’ll discover techniques that build a deep awareness of UX across your organization.

Come to this session to uncover how you’ll…

… Identify the most crucial baseline measurements that will give your team a clear picture of the current experience of your users and customers.

… Avoid the painful traps of setting targets and goals for your metrics that feel arbitrary (and therefore unimportant) because they aren’t about increasing value.

… Upgrade your user research efforts to integrate the advanced methods that deepen everyone’s understanding of the importance of UX.

You can find the session notes in our Leaders of Awesomeness community.

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