Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool

How to Recruit Those Hard-To-Reach Research Participants

Great innovation starts with excellent research participation.

“We can’t access our users.”

“Our users are hard to schedule for research sessions.”

“It’s a new product, so we don’t have any users yet.”

For many teams, recruiting participants for UX research becomes a big challenge. Without good participants, they won’t get the insights they need. Yet, they struggle to get people who might use their products or services into research sessions.

Recruiting hard-to-reach participants doesn’t have to be complicated. However, it will take concerted and deliberate efforts of the research team. 

Effective UX research leaders dedicate time and resources to building out a network of participants. They value their participants and make the relationship reciprocal. 

In this discussion, Jared Spool will explore the techniques effective leaders use to grow their network of research participants. In addition, you’ll discover how an excellent participant recruitment approach will improve the quality of your team’s research insights.

You can find the session notes in our Leaders of Awesomeness community.

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