Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool

Gut Feeling vs UX Research: A Case for Both

User research is an ideal tool for improving the accuracy of our gut feelings.

Six stakeholder words that make UX leaders cringe: “I know what our users need.” There’s been no research, yet the stakeholder feels in their gut that they are right.

Here’s the thing: They might be. (Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every so often.) Gut feeling can help us make smart decisions and we need to learn to work with it.

In this discussion, Jared will explore how we work with confident stakeholders who don’t think we need to do research (or choose to ignore the research we’ve done). He’ll share how focusing on assessing and reporting confidence can improve the results when we need to rely on our guts for important decisions.

You can find the session notes in our Leaders of Awesomeness community.

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