All-inclusive tuition

The full cost for the entire 24-month program is $59,880. We break that into 6 payments of $9,980 over two years.

We believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees for our program. Tuition will never increase during the 24-months you’re enrolled.

Tuition is all-inclusive. This means we’ve included your required tools within the tuition. Everything from your laptop to required books are included. We even provide 150 lunches during your time at Center Centre.

All-inclusive tuition includes:

All courses

24 core courses in both technical and interpersonal skills

Six internships

Up to six internship opportunities

UX library

A personal and comprehensive UX library—yours to keep

No hidden fees

No hidden fees—library, studio, technology, and graduation fees are all included

MacBook Pro Retina lapto

MacBook Pro Retina laptop preloaded with software—yours to keep

Travel exepnses

Travel expenses for internships


Supplies including pens, post-its, pencils, notebooks, and more

Travel expenses

Travel expenses to meet with partner companies for team projects

24 industry experts

Connect with at least 24 industry experts and partner company mentors

150 lunches

Five lunches provided every three-week course over 24-month program


Access to equipment and resources you need to get things done

1 Gig Internet

On-site 1GB Internet speed—it’s so fast


An actual diploma in User Experience Design and Technology

Lending options

We’ve taken a human approach to student lending. We’ve created a revolving student loan fund. The Give Forward Student Fund allows you to borrow what you need to pay for tuition at Center Centre and may include a yearly living stipend.

It’s a simple, affordable lending solution that provides the funds necessary to attend the program comfortably. The Give Forward Student Fund offers reasonable terms, hardship deferments, and flexible refinancing. We work with you individually to make sure the loan has the right terms for you.


At this time, we do not offer scholarships.

Do you have questions for us?

If you have questions about lending options, please call us Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM at 423-805-7420 or toll-free at 1-844-805-7420. You can also contact us online.